Cotton candy glosses

Love cotton candy?

We've captured the sugary mouth melting treat into our yummy cotton candy lip glosses.

All of our cotton candy glosses are scented with both cotton candy and a fruit(excempt the regular cotton candy gloss)

Time to give your lips the sweet hydration it's been missing!

Cotton candy glosses applies with light tint colors of pink, red, and blue!

Princess unicorn is a clear glitter gloss!


Cotton candy glosses

    • Coconut oil & castor oil-moisturizes lips
    • Sweet almond oil & vitamin E oil-smoothes lips
    • Vegetable glycerin-helps keep lips healthy and soft
    • *"contains polyisobutene 250*(none toxic oil that brings extra shine to lip gloss)
    • Scents: cotton candy, strawberry, blue raspberry, and bubble gum
    • Instant moisture
    • Hydration
    • High shine
    • long lasting
    • Smooth
    • Non-sticky